Volume 3, No. 1 January 2014

Table of Contents


Read the Full Manuscript download pdf


The ECJ Doctrine on Racial Discrimimination download pdf
Jaime Cabeza Pereiro
The Legal Aspects of the Deregulation of Professions as a Supporting Measure Towards Greater Mobility of Workers download pdf
Valentina Franca, Elizabeta Zirnstein
The New Challenges to Individual Working Conditions in European Public Services: A Comparative Study of Global Restructuring and Customization download pdf
Peter Hasle, Pernille Hohnen, Hans Torvatn, Daniele Di Nunzio
Domestic Workers: Vulnerable Workers in Precarious Work download pdf
Malcolm Sargeant
Are Unions Still a Topic for Industrial Relations Research? download pdf
Rémi Bourguignon, Heidi Wechtler
Reviewing the Idea of Work and its Regulatory Framework from an Anthropological Perspective. Building on John XXIII’s Pacem in terris on its 50th Anniversary download pdf
Michele Tiraboschi


Industrial PhDs and Higher Apprenticeships: The Experience of ADAPT download pdf
Lilli Casano
Musculoskeletal Disorders: Cross-cutting and Critical Issues concerning the Causal Link. A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation in the Retail and Distribution Sector download pdf
Malcolm Sargeant, Maria Giovannone, Nicola D’Erario

Book Reviews

The Architecture of Innovative Apprenticeship, edited by Ludger Deitmer, Ursel Hauschildt, Felix Rauner and Helmut Zelloth. A Review download pdf
Sylvia Hammond
Are Bad Jobs Inevitable? Trends, Determinants and Responses to Job Quality in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Chris Warhurst, Françoise Carré, Patricia Findlay and Chris Tilly. A Review download pdf
Richard Monypenny
The Committed Workforce: Evidence from the Field by Yannis Markovits. A Review download pdf
George Tsogas