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Webmail solutions

Webmail solutions

ADAPT Technologies provides a complete email solutions for any type of organization.Features of our webmail solutions are listed below :

– Complete Webmail client for your organization’s existing POP/IMAP server. The software provides a comprehensive email suite for acessing user mailboxes, and provides inbuilt Calendar and Addressbook features.

– Create your contacts through a simple, elegant web interface or through your phone. Share them with friends, coworkers and colleagues – through numerous supported clients and mobile devices.

– Create calendar entries to keep you in touch with what’s going on. Share your events so people know what you’re up to. Be reminded of important tasks, events and meetings – all this, within your browser or a mobile device of your choice.

– Bridge the information gap. With Outlook WebSync, you can keep your desktop and web items synchronized through a hassle-free, unobtrusive interface.

– Maintenance, administration, and configuration tasks are readily accessible through elegant, easyto-use interface Webmail Administrator.

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