The WOODual project (Wood sector and Dual Learning for Youth Employment and Skills) is funded with the financial support of the European Commission, Erasmus+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships, budget heading 2013- 4921/001-001, Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices


Project Coordinators:
Giovanni Albetti FEDERLEGNO (Italy)

The general purpose of WOODual - Wood sector and Dual Learning for Youth Employment and Skills is to elaborate guidelines and new methodologies in order to open the road for a more extensive use of dual learning system in wood and furniture sector.

In particular the project aims:

  1. To contribute to adapt curriculum and qualification profiles by investigating the technological and soft skills gap in the professional profiles for the Wood Treaters, Cabinet Makers and related Trade Workers (ESCO 752 profiles and ISCO 08).
  2. To contribute to overcome youth stereotypes and biased perceptions concerning skilled manual occupations and traditional economic sectors
  3. To increase organizational, social, emotional, entrepreneurial and technological skills and competences in VET students and workers
  4. To propose and test a cooperation framework between different stakeholders (especially enterprises/employers and VET institutions) to define integrated transnational dual learning models: one model would not fit every situation, but a core concept can be proposed, accompanied by a "modelling engine" to support adaptation to several sectors and countries.
  5. To support the implementation of 2013 Communication on Opening up education: promoting the development of new modes of delivery of training, including virtual mobility and e-learning.
  6. To evaluate this first experience of model design and implementation, with the scope of identifying shortcomings and transferable solutions.

Specific ambits and activities:

The project will use an interdisciplinary and multiple-method approach, combining both qualitative and quantitative research. It will follow a sectoral research design, analysing the development of the reconciliation strategy between wood and furniture sector and dual learning in partner countries.

If you are interested in more information please visit the collaboration platform of the project here.